Pilot Speech Recognition

VoiceFlight's VFS101 is the world's first speech recognition system to be certified by the FAA for use in civilian aircraft. The system allows pilots to enter waypoints and airways into their GNS-430/530 GPS units up to ten times faster than is possible using the tedious concentric knobs.

Our short video demonstrations illustrate the exceptional speed, accuracy, and convenience of the VFS101 system. The true measure of the system, however, is reflected in the testimonials of those already using the system for their routine flight operations.

Due to competitive market pressures, especially extension of the Flight Stream 210 to the GNS series navigators, VoiceFlight reluctantly discontinued the VFS101 product line in September of 2014. There are a small number of new production units still available from SteinAir.

Recent News

VoiceFlight Systems at Oshkosh 2015

June 26, 2015

VoiceFlight will not have a booth at EAA AirVenture this year. However, if you would like to chat with Scott Merritt, VoiceFlight's President and Founder, he will be at the SteinAir booth on Wednesday from 11 to Noon.

New Version of VFS User Nav Application

May 20, 2015

A new version of the VFS101 User Nav Application is now available. To install on your Windows computer, click the icon below and select run.

This version restores identifiers for some smaller airports that were omitted in past versions. More specifically, three character airport identifiers that begin with a letter but include one or more digits in the subsequent character positions (e.g. X14).

Nav D/L

The new version is also more adept at automatically EJECTing the USB Flash Drive at the end of the update process.

Note: After installation, you should see "Version" in the title bar of the VFS101 User Nav application. If not, please manually delete the old version (Control Panel : Uninstall Program) and reattempt installation.

Approval for Aircraft over 6,000 lbs

March 15, 2014

VoiceFlight has received an amended STC and amended AML that now include numerous Part 23 aircraft over 6,000 lbs. The Documents page of the VoiceFlight website has been updated with the revised documents. The new aircraft are listed at the end of the AML (rows #116 - #146).

GNS430/530 Main Software 5.10

February 27, 2014

We are pleased to report that the existing VFS101 Software Version 3.2.3 does indeed operate with Garmin's new GNS Main Software 5.10. This configuration has been included in the Amended STC dated 5-Mar-2014.

VFS101 now certified with GNS430/530 Main Software 5.03

September 17, 2013

VoiceFlight has received an amended STC that includes operation with Garmin's GNS 430W/530W Version 5.03 Main Software update. The new VFS101 software (Version 3.2.3) fully supports expanded flight plans (with 100 waypoints) and includes a new feature that allows pilots to omit intersection waypoints when entering a sequence of airways.

The Documents page of the VoiceFlight website has been updated with the new reference manuals for the amended STC. VFS101 units with the updated software are in stock and available for immediate shipment from our network of 85+ VoiceFlight Dealers.

Amended Supplemental Type Certificate

January 30, 2013

VoiceFlight is pleased to announce that it has received an amended STC that allows the VFS101 to operate interchangeably with WAAS or Non-WAAS GNS430/530 GPS units. The software approved with this STC also expands existing VFS101 functionality to include:

  • Jet Airways ("Juliet Four Seven Enter")
  • T/Q Routes ("Tango One One Six Enter")
  • Expanded range for Airport and VOR DIRECT-TO requests

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