Andrew's Testimonial

Andrew E.

"As a business owner, I depend on my Airplane to reach clients along the East Coast and into New England. The phrase “standby for an amendment to your route” seems to be all too common when flying the busy Northeast. This means twisting of knobs, edit flight plan, enter new data, more knob twisting, all while flying the airplane. I have always thought there has to be a better way!

I stumbled upon the OSH demo video for a product called VoiceFlight and was convinced this was the solution I was looking for. But, could it really be that good? Could it really be that easy to use and would it actually work in a noisy aircraft environment? I ordered one and a few weeks later had it installed by Stellar Avionics, Chester, CT. The install was straight forward and they tied into my 530W. The few calls that were made to VoiceFlight support were answered by Scott the CEO. Now that’s service!

My first experience with VoiceFlight was to enter in a frequent route that I fly from KSNC to KORF. This usually takes me about 10 minutes to build the flight plan. With VoiceFlight, I simply pushed the separate PTT button that activates VoiceFlight and spoke the route phonetically. In 10 seconds I was done! I reviewed the flight plan that VoiceFlight built and it was accurate. In fact, it contained the entire route with all published fixes. I learned later that I could enable airway compression and the flight plan would only enter in fixes were the airway turned to keep the autopilot on track. I then tried editing and creating new flight plans all from the my voice command. Wow! This thing is cool! No issues and the magical black box works like a charm!

Thanks VoiceFlight for creating a product that lives up to its expectations and then some!

Safe Flying,
Andrew E.
Instrument rated pilot
1500+ hours
Arrow IV

Some pictures of the VFS101 installation in Andrew's Arrow:

The VoiceFlight Activation Switch
The Power switch and USB jack
Note, these are the only visible parts of the VFS101 installation. The rest of the system is blind-mounted behind the panel.

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