About VoiceFlight Systems, LLC

The Company's founder, Scott Merritt, is an accomplished IFR rated, multi-engine pilot that became increasingly frustrated with the difficulty of entering complex IFR flight plans into the GPS navigation units of his Piper Seneca. Out of this frustration was borne the dream of a speech recognition system to eliminate the tedious knob-twisting and allow pilots to concentrate on flying the aircraft.

Work began in offices at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) Incubator Center to investigate the feasibility of such a system. After validating the initial design, a United States patent was secured protecting the new technology.

In 2005, the concept was awarded a National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Phase I SBIR grant to demonstrate the effectiveness of the technology. It was at this time that Duncan Pickard, also an alumni of RPI, joined the research team. Together they delivered an operational speech-recognition system that was successfully flight tested at NASA's Langley research center.

Following the success of the SBIR grant, investment capital was added in 2006 and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification of the new technology was undertaken. This work culminated on July 21st, 2009 with the receipt of a Supplemental Type Certificate (SA02717NY) for the VFS101. The VFS101 is the first FAA-certified speech recognition product.

VoiceFlight Systems, LLC is a privately held New York Limited Liability Company, headquartered in Troy, NY. The VoiceFlight Speech Recognition Technology is protected by US Patent # 7,089,108 B2. VoiceFlight is a registered trademark.

J. Scott Merritt

J. Scott Merritt, founder and president


"Alpha" spoken by pilot in flight

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