Navigation Updates

It is the pilot's responsibility to update the VFS101 with a new navigational database every 28 days in accordance with the AIRAC charting cycle. This data is used to improve the speech recognition performance and to expand Victor Airways.

VoiceFlight Systems LLC discontinued the manufacture, sales, and support of the VFS101 product on September 22, 2014 and will not be posting additional VFS101 Nav Updates beyond those on the Prior Updates page.

In hopes of keeping the existing VFS101 units running a while longer, VoiceFlight Systems has developed a Windows application to assist VFS101 users in generating their own Nav Updates without further VoiceFlight assistance. Details on this Window application are provided on the VFS101 User Nav Updates page.

Installation of navigation databases is described in the VFS101 Pilot's Guide, section 7.2, and is illustrated in a video demonstration available on the Support Page. The VFS101 User Nav application provides the database checksum that can be confirmed in VFS101 configuration display after installation.

Users are urged not to attempt continued VFS101 operations with a VFS101 Nav Database that does not match the Cycle and Coverage Area of the database cartridge in the GPS. Mismatched databases puts a much heavier load on both the VFS101 and the GPS, which may lead to operational or even safety issues. In these instances, the VFS101 plays an audio WARNING message which should be taken seriously.

Software Updates

VFS101 Software Version 3.2.3 below is the latest version available. It is required for operation with GNS Main Software versions 5.03 & 5.10, and is strongly recommended for all other VFS101 installations (WAAS, Non-WAAS and Experimental).

The update must be performed by qualified personnel using the software update instructions provided in section 5.5 of the VFS101 Instructions for Continued Airworthiness. As per the STC requirements, revised versions of the Pilot's Guide, Instructions for Continued Airworthiness, and Airplane Flight Manual Supplement are required and can be found on the Documents page of the VoiceFlight website.


File Revision Checksum
RPIP0323.vfs RP RECPROC-3.2.3 RC 240333...4F7513
IP LPCOPER-3.2.3 IC 262818...9F7DA3