Angelo P.

"I had Voiceflight installed in my Cardinal about 3 years ago and have been very happy with it. I was saddened to see it discontinued. There are no other products that allow me to edit flight plans loaded in my GNS 430W, on the fly, all while maintaining my instrument scan. Garmin's Connext is nice, but still requires hands on the iPad and eyes off the flight instruments. Too bad you couldn't have pique Garmin's interest in your product to have them incorporate into their product line or something.

Thanks for the work you put into voiceflight. I commend you for providing a software solution to the .vfs updates. I realize that you didn't have to do that, but I am impressed that you did. My updates seem to be working just fine, at least for the time being. Thanks. again."

More recently:

"BTW the weekend before last I was flying back home in IMC, in the rain, and in moderate turbulence. ABQ Center gave me a direct to waypoint (YIRTU), then vectors to the ILS at my home field (KFHU). That waypoint was not in my flight plan. It was so nice to be able to voice it in and concentrate on flying rather than having to dial it in manually. Thanks again"

Andrew D.

"Thanks for maintaining a great product. My tie-down neighbor was blown away by the product. He didn't understand why I was speaking waypoints until he saw them on the 430W. When I mentioned it expanded victor airways, he was dumbfounded."

Bob M.

"I intend to keep using your product as long as possible. It is simply terrific."

Nathan D.

"Latest software seems to be working great with my 530/430s.. all is good in my world.. Are there any VF units still available.. sure would like one in my Cheyenne IV (12,050#).."

Harold L.

"From one of your very first customers who still thinks that your product was the best thing ever installed in a cockpit. Did you ever develop a program to update the data cards using a Mac computer?"

" ... I would be delighted to have you use my testimonial in support of your product. The best aviation product I've ever used."

Steve P.

"... I also have VoiceFlight so I can just talk to the GPS and change waypoints. A really good product in my opinion. Sorry they have left the market."

David G.

"I have done three updates to voice flight since then and all work perfectly. Had a great flight today. Lots of routing, waypoints and what not. As usual, voice flight worked great."

Ben B.

"I have used Voice Flight for over two years. It has worked flawlessly and reduced my workload, particularly when IFR and having to make routing changes, much easier to spell out new fixes as opposed to knob twisting. It was one of the reasons I decided not to upgrade my 530W at the time."

Terry C.

"I had the good fortune of being assigned a booth next to Voice Flight at the AOPA Expo in Hartford, CT. I used the demo unit to place myself back in SW FL then spoke my typical flight plan to TN. WOW! So easy, so fast, such a work saver and a major safety innovation. It really lets you get back to the pilot's primary duty - flying the plane - without diverting your attention away from your instrument scan and looking for traffic."

Terry made a short video demonstrating the VFS101 and the VoiceFlight iPad app.

Andrew E.

Andrew was so effusive about his VFS101 that we needed to give him his own page. You can read his complete testimonial here.

"My first experience with VoiceFlight was to enter in a frequent route that I fly from KSNC to KORF. This usually takes me about 10 minutes to build the flight plan. With VoiceFlight, I simply pushed the separate PTT button that activates VoiceFlight and spoke the route phonetically. In 10 seconds I was done! I reviewed the flight plan that VoiceFlight built and it was accurate... Wow! This thing is cool! No issues and the magical black box works like a charm! Thanks VoiceFlight for creating a product that lives up to its expectations and then some!"

Joe F.

"I have voice flight and love it. I will still use it after I install the Flightstream 210

Nothing like talking to my 530W to say.."DIRECT KFOK ACTIVATE " and never touch a button or a screen and it is set."

Larry A.

"The VFS101 proved to be a valuable tool on a recent flight up and down the east coast. It reduced workload, heads down time and made flight plan data entry on the fly both seamless and quick."

Alex M.

"Get voice flight!!! Voice actuated control of your 530 with vector and J airways. Best money you can even spend!!! I load my flight plan on the roll!! Change routing in seconds !!! It is so easy and fast that I am always first for approach , Towers have had A320's slow down and circle because I have been cleared ahead. In a super busy airport in IFR it's about being able to change your routing in speed. I can not tell you how great this works!! Voice flight works perfect, better than my GMA350 voice which is <... redacted ...> !!"

Tom C.

"I am a Designated Pilot Examiner for the Philadelphia FSDO. My experience with giving check rides and teaching has led me to believe that a GPS in the cockpit can be extremely dangerous unless it has the ability to be voice activated.
Your device is exactly what I have been hoping for."

Jack P.

"The VFS-101 is the 'trickest' piece of kit that I’ve seen brought to the GA avionics marketplace in a very long time. I can enter flight plans, to include Victor airways, in my GNS430W quickly before T/O and in-flight operations to modify or go direct are also quickly done with a minimum of time spent “heads down” in the cockpit. Turned my 430W into a 480W, voice activated to boot. My one line description - 'Quick, easy and fun'."

Commander Aero, Inc.

“We have never had a customer so happy as when we installed your VoiceFlight VFS-101. He is so pleased that every time it’s mentioned he gets a big smile on his face. He is especially impressed with its ability to enter Victor airways with all their associated waypoints.”


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