The VFS101 Pilot Speech Recognition System




The VFS101 addresses two significant shortcomings of the Garmin GNS 430 and 530: the tedious process of waypoint entry using the GPS knobs, and the lack of Victor airway support. The VFS101 solves these two issues using revolutionary and patented speech-recognition algorithms that deliver exceptional accuracy and speed.

The VFS101 uses the aviation industry's standard ICAO phonetic alphabet (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, etc.) to allow the pilot to spell out waypoints and enter them into the aircraft's GPS navigation systems many times faster than can be done can using the GPS control knobs or touchscreen. Also, unlike touch-screen based solutions, the voice interface is unaffected by aircraft turbulence.

The VFS101 meets the rigorous safety requirements of FAA certification. Manual control of the GPS units is always available should any difficulties be encountered with the VFS101.

The VFS101 is the first speech-recognition system to receive certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The Supplemental Type Certificate supports installation on almost all aircraft under 12,500 lbs. Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) which are equipped with single or dual Garmin GNS 530 and GNS 430 GPS navigation units (WAAS or Non-WAAS).

Manufacturer Suggested Retail Pricing (MSRP) for VFS101 system is just $1,995.

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GARMIN is a registered trademark of GARMIN, Ltd. and is not affiliated with VoiceFlight Systems, LLC in any way.

VoiceFlight Flight Talker iPad App


The VoiceFlight Flight Talker App allows pilots with a VFS101 pilot speech recognition system to enter waypoints into their GNS 430W / 530W GPS from their iPad.

Any iPad owner can download the Flight Talker App and listen to the surprisingly rapid synthetic speech generated for a Flight Plan. However, a special audio cable (available from VoiceFlight for $25) is required to transfer that speech to the VFS101, and the connected GNS430W/530W.

International Navigation Data


The VFS101 uses an internal database to identify waypoints eligible for recognition, automatically expand airways, and to facilitate communications with the Garmin GPS units. For customers using the VFS101 in US airspace, navigational updates are provided on our Updates page.

For VFS101 customers operating outside of US airspace, VoiceFlight has reached an agreement with Jeppesen to provide expanded VFS101 Navigational files with a full set of International waypoints and airways.

The expanded VFS101 International data files are produced on the 28 day AIRAC cycle and can be purchased directly from VoiceFlight at a price of $25 per cycle. Please contact us if you would like to purchase International data for your VFS101 unit.

VFSXP1 for Experimental Aircraft

For Experimental aircraft, VoiceFlight Systems has developed an uncertified, reduced cost version of the VFS101. The VFSXP1 offers the same exact functionality as the Certified VFS101, but does so at a reduced cost for Experimental aircraft. The VFSXP1 enclosure is slightly larger than the Certified VFS101, but installation and operation is otherwise the same as the Certified unit.

The VFSXP1 is sold by VoiceFlight System directly to Experimental Aircraft owners at a price of $995 plus shipping. This price includes the KIT003 installation kit.

The VFSXP1 is a high performance avionics unit that requires professional installation to insure proper operation. During the ordering process VoiceFlight System will confirm that the aircraft owner has access to an installer with the appropriate tools, skills and experience to complete a successful installation.

VoiceFlight has a limited number of VFSXP1 units in stock available for immediate shipment. Call VoiceFlight at (518) 720-0060 today to order your VFSXP1 !

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