Enhance your aircraft with a VFS101!

FAA Approvals

The VFS101 is FAA certified under an Approved Model List Supplemental Type Certificate (AML-STC) for installation into nearly all Part 23 aircraft that do not required a Pilot Type Rating. For a complete list of approved aircraft, see the VFS101 AML-STC.

The VFS101 System

The VFS101 is a compact module, weighting less then one pound, which is blind-mounted behind the aircraft instrument panel, and connects to aircraft avionics via 14 wires. Installation time varies by the aircraft model and current configuration, as well as the avionics shop selected. Since access to the back of the Avionics rack can be time consuming, scheduling VFS101 installation with other avionics work can be helpful.


VoiceFlight sold the VFS101 through certified avionics repair shops.


Due to competitive market pressures, VoiceFlight reluctantly discontinued the VFS101 product line in September of 2014. There are a small number of new production units still available from the VoiceFlight EBay Store.


The VFS101 was sold with a suggested list price of $1,995.