Flight Talker Support

The Flight Talker App by VoiceFlight allows pilots with a VFS101 speech recognition system to enter waypoints into their GNS 430W / 530W GPS from their iPad.

Any iPad owner can download the Flight Talker App and listen to the surprisingly rapid synthetic speech generated for a Flight Plan. However, a special audio cable (available from VoiceFlight for $25) is required to transfer that speech to the VFS101, and the connected GNS430W/530W.

Note: The Flight Talker App automatically loads the Flight Plan waypoints from the iPad Paste buffer when it is launched. If the Flight Talker App immediately closes after it is launched it is probably due to unexpected contents (pictures, unicode, etc) in the iPad Paste Buffer. If a valid Flight Plan is not readily available, enter the upper case characters "ABC" into the Safari location bar and then Select and Copy those characters to the Paste buffer. This should correct any issues with the Flight Talker App closing immediately after launch.

To transfer way-points from your iPad to your GPS by way of the VFS101:

  1. Assemble your flight-plan in your preferred flight planning application (such as ForeFlight).
  2. Connect the VoiceFlight audio cable to the pilot's microphone jack and the audio jack on your iPad.
  3. Select a text representation of your flightplan in the flight-planning application and copy the selected text to the clipboard. (This is done by pressing and holding over the text, and choosing "Select All", then "Copy" from the resulting menus. Note: Newer versions of ForeFlight have added a curved arrow icon, to the far right and immediately above the map view, that quickly copies the flight plan to the clipboard.)
  4. Press the home button to return to the main iPad screen, then open the VoiceFlight App. The flight-plan should appear in the text box. Text in red is not compatible with VoiceFlight syntax, and will not be sent.
  5. Press the Play button on the App. A message instructing you to depress and hold the VAS will appear. Depress and hold the VAS.
  6. Continue to the hold the VAS until the message instructing you to hold the VAS disappears. The flight-plan from the iPad should now be loaded into the active flight-plan on your primary GPS. You can disconnect the iPad cable.

For additional information on the VFS101, the Flight Talker App or to order the special audio cable ($25) contact VoiceFlight.