Speech Recognition That Works

Here at VoiceFlight we understand skepticism about the accuracy and reliability of our speech recognition system. People tell us all the time "That can't work! My phone and my car have speech recognition systems and they hardly ever get what I said."

The VFS101 is different. It uses VoiceFlight's patented speech-recognition system, combined with a very limited and specific vocabulary of commands to enable extremely fast and accurate recognition of a wide variety of speech, including various accents. The videos below illustrate the VFS101 recognizing speech from people all over the world. The VFS101 has not been adapted to their voices in any way.

Also consider for a moment our decision to provide demonstration systems out front at our Oshkosh, AOPA and Sun n' Fun booths for anyone to try. Would we really do that if the recognition wasn't nearly flawless?

Male from Senegal

Female from Scotland

Male from Saudi Arabia

Male from Australia

Male from North-East U.S.A. speaking quickly

Male from South-Central U.S.A.

Female from South-Central U.S.A. speaking quickly

Female from South-Eastern U.S.A.